Earned VS Paid Marketing

Paid ads VS Free ads who wins?

Thousands of different websites are created on a daily basis. Do you know what is common among all? They all need advertisement, it is important to send the message to the target audience.

The Internet is the best thing that helps to reach a small or home-based business into a global market. Every business, whether a small or a big one needs advertisement. How to reach the people across the world depends on the strategy you wish to initiate.

It depends on the business, whether it is a startup or an established. Whether the business should adopt the paid advertisement or free advertisements.

Earned VS Paid Marketing

In an online business, there are two types of media paid or earned advertisement. However, both have the same target to connect with the target audience. Let’s have a look at the description of both types of media.

  • Paid Marketing

It is an opportunity for a business to advertise within the sponsored listing on a search engine. Paid marketing contains Google Adwords, Pay Per Click, SEO consulting, etc. This helps you to advertise your business by investing money to create awareness and engage your audience.

Paid ads usually displayed to users on the side, top or bottom of a web page. A marketer needs to pay the owner of the website in exchange for the use of that space. This price settled through a bidding process between marketer and ad space owner.

  • Earned media

An owned site is a destination, there earned media helps to get people there. A website earns media when people start talking about your brand. This is the most trusted form of advertising.  A website or sa social media are useless without interaction.

It is an organic and natural approach to marketing. You can earn media by the positive reviews, comments, feedback, likes, mentions, shares and different promotional efforts. A free advertisement is a tool that you can use will increase your website traffic.

Benefits of paid advertisement

There are many benefits of paid advertisement it’s up to you that you want to maximize your marketing budget.

  • Highly targeted

Paid advertising is a straightforward advertising campaign makes it simple to target your audience. The marketing is done on the specific groups that match your demographic like age, sex, region, interests of the people etc.

  • Quick results

The speed of attracting a new website visitors to your offers is one of the great things that make paid advertising an attractive option. In case your website is not ranking at the first page of Google search engine, then paid advertisement helps you to place ads for keywords and bring high-quality traffic to your website without investing time into it.

  • Complete control

A well-created ad leads to a well-designed website landing page which enables you to remain in control of your message and provides focused direction towards your brand. Once a visitor browses on your website you can run a retargeting campaign to engage him/her.

  • Measure ROI

By setting a realistic and spend, paid search campaign delivers a real return on your investment. You need to set a maximum monthly budget, analyze results and test again. Paid advertising is affordable as well as measurable. It runs on the objective or type of ad you are running. You can easily track the cost of ads and revenue generated due to them.

Benefits of free advertisement

Easily understandable

One of the best things about earned media is free advertising, it is easy to understand. Here you don’t need to pay what you are offering in front of a large group of the target audience. It encourages the customers to buy the product which you are selling.

Free posting

Free advertising is a great choice it comes accepted across the world. These days people are looking and reading a free advertisement in the hope to find something good. To promote your product you need not pay anything.

A large group of audience

Free classified websites are visited by thousands of users on a daily basis. It increases the chances of the items sold. A potential buyer sees the listing within the minutes once it is posted. There are more than 6 million people online, a large group of people searching for the product you are selling.

The free form of advertising is provided by the major companies is given below.

  1. org
  2. com
  3. com
  4. com
  5. Yahoo.com.

Free Vs Paid Advertisement

A mixture of free and paid advertisement should be reasonable. For a new website, free promotion has to be the priority. But when your site starts giving you revenue you must choose the paid advertisement. As free advertisement will not fulfill all your needs for a long period of time. Free advertisement is for the shortest period and it is paid is for a long period of time.

Eventually, the most important thing is a decision that will be made upon a variety of factors like type of business, content, audience, geography, budget, etc. After taking  careful consideration of all the factors an enterprise must take the decision between free ads or paid ads.

Why paid advertisement is different from a free advertisement?

A paid online advertisement has a higher level of control. It has the ability of higher degree of customization with targeting. Stay targeted to the keywords or to specific demographics on social networks.

PPC allows you to do this in a more cost-effective manner as compared to other paid advertisement. This is due to directly attract your target audience. You can easily measure the PPC and you will get the strong indication of your ROI.

It does not mean that free advertisement is not required at all. As a free advertisement helps to reach and ranking naturally on search engine results. If you invest the proper time it might be a great deal to you. For quick results, brand exposure the paid advertisement is best.

The growing popularity of social media has turned sites like Facebook and LinkedIn into an effective platform for paid ads.

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